250rds - 20 Gauge Winchester Super-X 3/4 Ounce 2-3/4" Rifled Slug HP Ammo


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250rds - 20 Gauge Winchester Super-X 3/4 Ounce 2-3/4" Rifled Slug HP Ammo Details

For deer slugs that are compatible with any smoothbore barrel, look no further than this 20 gauge ammo from Winchester! Each of these shells contains a rifled slug that has a dome shaped head with a small hollow cavity at its tip. The rounded profile the projectile gives it increased accuracy and longer range while the hollow-point increases its rate of expansion for improved terminal effect on thin-skinned game. With a weight of 3/4 ounces, this slug is appropriate for taking white-tail deer at medium range.

Rifled slugs use their soft lead groove patterns to pass through barrels and chokes unharmed while imparting fluted stability once the round is in flight. This contributes to great accuracy which is necessary to score hits on game. After the round penetrates through thick hide and gristle, its expansion will transfer energy to the vital zones where its momentum will have explosive effect. The result is a clean, humane kill with little chance of dangerous over-penetration. Winchester is an American manufacturer with over 150 years of experience alongside legendary caliber and firearms to their name. Their hunting rounds are assembled using proven, traditional load data that gives hunters the performance that they deserve.

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    20 Gauge
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