20rds – 5.56x45 Winchester FBI Training 62gr. Open Tip Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 62 Grain Open Tip Ammo Details

There are two ways to get your hands on the FBI’s own Q3314 training ammunition. The first way is to join the FBI, which we don’t advise doing because a friend of ours once told us that the FBI’s breakroom coffee is terrible. The other way is to order this ZQ3314 ammunition that Winchester makes available to the private market, which we do advise because that means you will pay us money.

This 5.56x45 cartridge is loaded with a 62 grain open tip bullet. Like all bullets, you would not want to get hit by an open tip. That said, the bullet does not have a bonded core that promotes cleaner penetration through barriers and isn’t intended for active duty by the likes of Rossi, Reed and Prentiss from Criminal Minds. The open tip’s heavier weight gives it greater inertia so it can resist getting blown off its trajectory by crosswinds, and its uniformly distributed lead core grants it good in-flight rotational stability.

People often mistake Winchester’s military grade brass cases for reloads because their necks are darker-colored. This ammo’s cases are in fact brand new – all brass cases are heat-treated for added strength, but military grade brass cases aren’t buffed to a fine shine. This ammo is reloadable, although its crimped noncorrosive Boxer primers do make the process a little more complicated.
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    Range Training
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