20rds – 50 AE Magnum Research Inc. 300gr. XTP HP Ammo


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Magnum Research 300 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Developed in 1988 by Action Arms, the 50 Action Express, or 50 AE, is one of the most powerful handgun rounds in the world. The first firearm that chambered the 50 AE was the Magnum Research Desert Eagle. When you are looking for a massive round for hunting or self defense, the 50 AE is the round for you.

Magnum Research has been around since 1979, making high quality firearms and ammunition. Their ammunition is loaded using high quality components in the USA.

With these massive 300 grain XTP projectiles, you have the performance and energy for big game hunting and predator defense. Each projectile leaves the barrel around 1,475 feet per second and is loaded into a factory fresh brass casing that is boxer primed and re-loadable. Don't miss out on this incredible ammo from the creators of the Desert Eagle.

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