20rds – 444 Marlin Remington Core-Lokt 240gr. SP Ammo

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Remington Ammunition 240 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

A bullet can’t have staying power unless it has stopping power. The Core-Lokt bullet, which was first introduced to the hunting world in 1939, has definitely got both. This 444 Marlin cartridge by Remington features a 240 grain Core-Lokt, with a broad frontal area that delivers fantastic energy on impact, a soft lead core that is locked into place within its jacket to deliver the weight retention required for deep penetration, and the ability to expand up to double its original diameter for a wide, quickly lethal wound cavity.

This round’s straight-walled brass shell casing is supple enough to seal the chamber correctly yet rugged enough to be reloaded again and again. Its non-corrosive Boxer primer fires clean, as does its propellant. Remington’s streamlined production and quality assurance protocol guarantee remarkably impressive cartridges -- you can count on this box of ammo during your next buck or elk hunt.
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