20rds – 41 Mag Speer Gold Dot 210gr. JHP Ammo

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20rds – 41 Mag Speer Gold Dot 210gr. JHP Ammo Details

The 41 Magnum revolver is an impressive weapon no matter the round you load in it, but that’s not to say you should ever go without a self-defense cartridge which is anything less than brilliant in its own right -- and brilliant is exactly what Speer’s Gold Dot is.

This round’s 210 grain bullet’s jacket and core are so closely bonded together that they’re virtually the same structure, enabling them to hold together marvelously even for having passed through the toughest barriers your environment could put between you and your assailant. The Gold Dot bullet’s nose cavity is formed over the course of two stages that establish both how far and how quickly it can expand, giving it terminal performance you could set your watch to. No one wants to get hit with a Gold Dot.

The casing Speer gave this cartridge contributes much to its reliability as well. Plated with nickel, it’s inherently able to steer clear of the corrosion that could jeopardize performance, and further easier to slip in and out of a cylinder. A select propellant delivers the ideal muzzle velocity for this self-defense load, and CCI’s non-corrosive primer sees to it that it ignites fast with every hammer fall.
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    41 Rem Magnum
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