20rds - 41 Mag Corbon Hunter 210gr. HP Ammo

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20rds - 41 Mag Corbon Hunter 210gr. HP Ammo Details

41 Mag Corbon Hunter 210 Grain HP Ammo – 20 Rounds

Using proven designs, unparalleled quality control, and high-quality components, Corbon has become one of the ammunition industry’s top manufacturers. The company maintains its high standard of excellence with their Corbon Hunter line of products. Designed specifically to help hunters bring down big game, these Corbon Hunter loads deliver impressive and effective terminal performance.

Frustrated with the lack of handgun hunting ammunition available to the modern shooter, Corbon developed this .41 Remington Magnum ammunition to fill the gap. This package contains 20 rounds of Corbon Hunter .41 Remington Magnum ammunition. Each round is loaded with a heavy and hard-hitting 210 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) projectile. Featuring a bonded core design, each bullet is carefully weighed, swaged, and hand-inspected to ensure consistent and effective terminal performance. These high-quality projectiles maintain integrity at high velocities, delivering impressive weight retention and deep, controlled penetration. Providing excellent game-dropping power, these rounds are ideal for hunting deer, bear, and other big game animals.

This ammunition is factory fresh and features non-corrosive boxer primers and reloadable brass cases. Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 1350 feet per second with 850 foot pounds of muzzle energy, these loads easily punch through thick hides to deliver massive expansion and deep penetration for fast and effective kills.

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    41 Rem Magnum
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