20rds – 40 S&W Black Hills 115gr. HoneyBadger Ammo


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20rds – 40 S&W Black Hills 115gr. HoneyBadger Ammo Details

The HoneyBadger looks unusual – more like the tip of a screwdriver than a bullet. But don’t let its unique appearance lead you astray. Black Hills’ 40 S&W ammo is equipped to handle a threat with precision and authority.

The HoneyBadger bullet does not expand or otherwise deform in order to bore a wide wound channel into its target. The ridges which comprise its tip are separated by deep, radial grooves. When these grooves connect with soft tissue, they channel it outward in lateral directions at a faster velocity than the bullet itself is traveling. The resultant wound cavity is significantly wider than 4/10”!

The HoneyBadger’s unique design conveys several other advantages. It lacks a nose cavity which could jam up with debris, so it retains its ability to wreak devastation throughout soft tissue even if it must first penetrate fabric or some other coarse medium. Its ridges are sharp, which also help the HoneyBadger to tear through barriers. Finally, the solid copper HoneyBadger retains its weight and momentum exceptionally well, and it is furthermore incapable of depositing lead residue in a handgun’s barrel.

This ammo is brass-cased, non-corrosive, nonmagnetic, and loaded in Rapid City, South Dakota by a company which also supplies sniping ammo to all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.
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