20rds - .358 Win. Premium Supercharged Buffalo Bore 225gr. Soft Point BT Ammo

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20rds - .358 Win. Premium Supercharged Buffalo Bore 225gr. Soft Point BT Ammo Details

When you pick this up, you’ll get 20 rounds of Supercharged Premium Buffalo Bore .358 Winchester ammunition. Proudly manufactured in the United States, Buffalo Bore specializes in high-quality, large caliber ammunition.

Featuring 225 grain Sierra SPTZ-BT projectiles, this ammunition is perfect for everything from North American whitetails to large American bison. These soft point Spitzer Boat Tail bullets offer exceptional ballistic efficiency and feature a heavy double-tapered jacket surrounding a special alloy core. Delivering incredible accuracy, impressive mushrooming, and enough power to smash through large shoulders and tough hip bones, these bullets are a large game hunter’s dream come true.

Safe for use in any .358 Winchester rifles in normal operating condition, these rounds produce a muzzle velocity of 2545 feet per second with 3122 foot pounds of energy. This ammunition is non-corrosive and comes in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

All Buffalo Bore ammunition undergoes a unique quality control check before it reaches the consumer. This stringent system includes test firing ammunition in real firearms rather than laboratory test barrels.

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    358 WIN.
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