20rds – 357 Sig Buffalo Bore Heavy 125gr. JHP Ammo

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20rds – 357 Sig Buffalo Bore Heavy 125gr. JHP Ammo Details

You’re not lugging a 357 SIG around with you all day only to have it underperform and underdeliver when you need it most. This round by Buffalo Bore is loaded to give you full power out of your pistol with every shot. Its fast igniting primer sparks up a clean burning propellant to launch the projectile at a muzzle velocity of 1,425 fps.

This round’s jacketed hollow point projectile will open up fast, and holds onto enough of its momentum to penetrate up to 14 inches. That’s the wide and deep terminal performance you want from your personal defense load. Buffalo Bore smartly formulated this round’s propellant to produce less flash when ignited as well. That will keep your eyes working in the event you have to stand your ground in the dark.

Buffalo Bore has been making powerful loads the entire time they’ve been in business -- their first ammo was designed for protection against bears. That puts you in good hands if you choose this cartridge for your everyday carry.
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