20rds – 350 Legend Barnes VOR-TX 170gr. TSX FB Ammo


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Barnes Bullets 170 Grain TSX Ammo Details

You can spend all year planning a hunt. Whether a hunt becomes successful or not often boils down to one single, precious moment. When you want your 350 Legend rifle to do its best work during that moment, you want Barnes VOR-TX in its chamber.

This cartridge is loaded with the 170 grain Triple Shock X flat base bullet. The TSX is lead-free – 100% copper, which makes it a clean-shooting, environmentally friendly, gyroscopically stable and deep-penetrating bullet. The TSX’s shank is circled by several grooves that actively minimize contact with the bore to promote even cleaner performance. Its flat base makes the TSX more accurate throughout the 350 Legend’s admittedly limited effective range, as it provides a more even surface for propellant gas to push against than a boat tail base could have offered.

The TSX reliably doubles its original diameter before coming to a rest within (or on the other side of) its target. When its nose cavity becomes pressurized from within, it splits the TSX along four lines to produce just as many flat, sharp and curling petals. Such terminal performance maximizes energy transfer to the quarry while simultaneously excavating a debilitating wound channel in the bullet’s wake.

Barnes is a pioneer in monolithic bullet technology. The Utahan company does their decades of research justice by loading their TSX FB projectiles in high-quality cases, with reliable Boxer primers and clean-burning propellant that get the show started.

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