20rds - 340 Weatherby Magnum 210gr. Partition Ammo

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20rds - 340 Weatherby Magnum 210gr. Partition Ammo Details

This is .340 Weatherby Magnum 210gr. Partition Ammo. Introduced in 1963, the .340 Weatherby was designed as a response to the .338 Win Mag. However, Roy took advantage of the longer case to pack in more powder for greater velocity. And, it shoots heavier .338 bullets at higher velocities as well – a decidedly powerful combination. Ideally suited for animals the size of elk or larger, the .340 can also be used by deer hunters with lighter bullet weights. The Nosler Partition bullet has been favored worldwide as it has a legendary level of accuracy, controlled expansion and weight retention in any caliber, on any game, and in any situation. The dual-core construction of the Partition coupled with the special lead-alloy core provides superior mushrooming characteristics at virtually all impact velocities. This ammo comes packed 20rds. per box.

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    340 Weatherby
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