20rds – Federal Power-Shok 125gr. JHP Ammo


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20rds – Federal Power-Shok 125gr. JHP Ammo Details

Do you like money, and especially having more of it? Don’t we all! That’s why we’re proud to offer this 30-30 round from Federal’s Power-Shok ammunition line. It’s perfect for whenever you’d like to hunt on a budget, so much so in fact that you won’t kick yourself for practicing with it as well!

Federal made this round’s 125 grain jacketed hollow point projectile. The jacket does a great job of preventing deformation, combating excessive bore fouling, and facilitating penetration during and following penetration. As it passes through its target the bullet will quickly expand to transfer great energy while generating a wide and deep wound channel. No buck’s sturdy enough to walk off a well-placed hit with this round’s bullet!

Federal’s brass casing does its job perfectly, and their primer and propellant both burn nice and clean. All in all this cartridge represents a fine collection of quality components, but again for a price that you can afford no sweat!

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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Pekiti tirsia

    I dialed my Winchester 94 in with this round with a Burris 3X scout scope mounted. It is accurate, and has noticably less recoil than 150 grain rounds. The fast expansion and light weight make this a great defensive round.

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