20rds - 300 WSM Winchester Supreme 180gr. Ballistic Silvertip Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 180 Grain Polymer Tipped Ammo Details

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip provides deer hunters with precision accuracy and monumental knock-down power. Also a great choice for hunting wild boar, black bear, and elk, this innovative ammunition is engineered with the legendary excellence that made Winchester a world leader in the ammo industry.

Each 180 grain polymer tipped hollow point projectile features an alloyed lead core to improve weight retention and provide deep penetration. The contoured jacket controls terminal expansion to maximize energy transfer, while the silver polymer tip resists in-flight deformation and initiates expansion on target impact. As if that wasn’t enough, these high performance projectiles also sport a solid-base boat tail design to maximize long-range accuracy and a Lubalox (black oxide ) coating to reduce barrel fouling.

Each factory fresh .300 Win Short Mag cartridge features a nickel-plated brass case for smooth feeding, function, and extraction. Producing a muzzle velocity of 3010 feet per second, each round delivers 3621 foot pounds of game-dropping muzzle energy. Each package contains 20 rounds of non-corrosive, boxer primed ammunition.

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    posted on by John P

    I shot 3 wild boars from 200 yards, 100 yards and 50 yards and none of them took a step after being hit by these bullets. I also shot a big whitetail buck quartering away through the lungs and it only took about 3 jumps and piled up. This ammo puts the game down quickly!

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