20rds – 300 WSM Federal 165gr. Barnes TSX Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 165 Grain TSX Ammo Details

Even if you’re hunting outside of California where your bullet needn’t be made of something other than lead, the merits of this 300 WSM round’s 165 grain TSX projectile are too many to overlook. The 100 percent copper bullet is exceedingly rugged, so it shouldn’t lose even one percentage of its weight as it burrows deeply within a target. It’s highly accurate, not only because its density is uniform but also because pressure relieving grooves are machined into its shank. Its copper composition and grooves make the TSX extremely clean shooting as well, so you’ll not have to clean your rifle’s bore while you’re out in the field. This round’s TSX expands reliably even after having lost one third of its muzzle velocity, and the depth of its nose cavity enables it to expand to double its diameter. That expansion is especially potent owing to the four sharp petals it produces. Add in Federal’s own high quality components, and you’ve got a round that won’t let you down while you’re hunting for practically any wild game.

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    posted on by CLINT M WELDON

    This is the only kind of ammunition that I have found that more consistent to shoot in my rifle is a tighter group and it's what I use hunting.

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