20rds – 300 PRC Hornady 225gr. ELD Match Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 225 Grain ELD Ammo Details

If you’ve warmed up to the 300 PRC, you’ve likely done so for the absolutely jaw-dropping accuracy it offers. This round from Hornady takes that accuracy to a welcome extreme thanks to its ELD Match projectile, which has a host of features to optimize its ballistic coefficient. The bullet features a Heat Shield tip, which resists aerodynamic heating in order to always maintain its perfect symmetry and pointed meplat. The ELD Match’s laudable accuracy is further accentuated by its streamlined secant ogive profile, boat tail design, and AMP jacket which is drawn to a nearly perfect concentricity. This bullet’s flat trajectory, relative immunity to wind drift, and ability to maintain its velocity even over great distances will serve you very well should you ever compete.

This cartridge also features a select brass casing which is fit for multiple projects at the reloading bench, specially formulated propellant that consistently delivers the ideal chamber pressure for its caliber, and a non-corrosive primer which will spare your rifle’s action from excessive harmful residue build-up. It’s all backed by Hornady’s intensive quality assurance protocol, so you can always count on this round to deliver big.
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