20rds – 243 Win Sellier & Bellot 100gr SP Ammo

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Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 100 Grain Soft-Point (SP) Ammo Details

This 243 Win cartridge is made by Sellier & Bellot, one of the world’s oldest ammunition companies and one that accordingly has learned their craft inside and out. The round sports a 100 grain soft point projectile. The bullet’s precisely engineered jacket is extremely concentric, and thus able to provide the rotational stability needed for straight flight en route to its target. So precisely drawn a jacket is able to facilitate highly uniform expansion during penetration, and also endure the weight retention needed to create a deep wound channel. Without asking for very much, this round will give you precisely what you need to bag big bucks this upcoming hunting season.

Sellier & Bellot’s brass casing is just the right stuff for handloading, so this round’s is worth holding on to after your rifle spits it out. Their Boxer primer is very dependable and non-corrosive as well, and their propellant is measured to produce a consistent muzzle velocity and chamber pressure.
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    243 Winchester
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