200rds – 270 Win Hornady American Whitetail 140gr. InterLock Ammo


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200rds – 270 Win Hornady American Whitetail 140gr. InterLock Ammo Details

There’s no shame in hunting with subpar 270 Win ammo. But if you refuse to compromise when it comes to your favorite pastime, then you’d really ought to treat yourself, your rifle and your quarry right by investing in a whole case of Hornady American Whitetail!

This cartridge puts the many talents of the 140 grain InterLock on full display. Its streamlined secant ogive profile enables it to conserve enough momentum to strike 670 yards with 1,000 ft lbs of energy. Its InterLock ring and cannelure both ward off core/jacket separation to ensure an effectively deep wound channel. And thanks to the InterLock’s precision tapered jacket, it reliably initiates expansion following impact at all practical ranges.

Hornady’s signature flat base soft point bullet is nestled in the mouth of a premium reloadable brass case, with a carefully matched propellant charge that delivers a predictable 2,940 fps from a 24” barrel (0.486 G1 BC). Order today before noon and we’ll celebrate by eating our lunch early!
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    270 Winchester
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