200rds – 270 Win Hornady American Whitetail 130gr. InterLock Ammo


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200rds – 270 Win Hornady American Whitetail 130gr. InterLock Ammo Details

If only there were a way to ship high-quality American-made 270 Winchester deer hunting ammunition straight to your doorstep. Oh, wait … there is! The ammo is Hornady American Whitetail, and delivery mechanism is Ammo To Go. A potent combo!

This round is armed with a 130 grain soft point of Hornady’s own creation. The InterLock’s aerodynamic secant ogive profile, flat jacketed base and concentric jacket all contribute to its relatively high 0.409 G1 ballistic coefficient. Once the bullet has lept from a 24” barrel at a rate of 3,060 fps, it minimizes drag effectively enough to hit a 500-yard target without rising higher than 17.2” above the bore line.

Deep penetration and wide expansion. The InterLock does the former thanks to its InterLock ring and cannelure, which both keep its core and jacket tightly bound together; the latter thanks to its grooved and progressively tapered jacket, which ensures the soft point spreads out quickly and to a uniform diameter.

New. Reloadable. Ready for action in all 270 Win rifles. Yours before hunting season arrives courtesy of our face-meltingly fast shipping.
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    270 Winchester
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