200rds – 243 Win Winchester Super-X 80gr. JSP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 80 Grain Jacketed Soft-Point (JSP) Ammo Details

We don’t know which philosophy you prescribe to, but a lot of folks would agree that you only live once. Your life’s too short to miss out on varmint hunting just because you’ve run out of 243 Win ammunition. Make sure you live life to its fullest. Stock up on Winchester Super-X today!

This round’s projectile is on the heavier end of the spectrum as far as varmint hunting bullets go. Its muzzle velocity is pretty hot at 3,350 fps, and its 0.259 G1 BC means it will retain about 1,200 ft lbs of energy at 200 yards.

That kind of energy transfer would have made this round acceptable for deer hunting, but its bullet is not meant for medium game. The jacketed soft point’s thin copper jacket and soft lead core work together to commence speedy fragmentation right on impact. The JSP won’t penetrate very deeply, but its instantaneous expansion suits it perfectly for coyote and varmints.

Order today and we’ll get these brass-cased Boxer-primed reloadable 243 Win beauties to your doorstep surprisingly soon. Fastest shipping in the business!
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    243 Winchester
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