200rds – 223 Rem Fiocchi 40gr. V-MAX Ammo in Field Box


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Fiocchi Ammunition 40 Grain V-MAX Ammo Details

Got a score to settle with the varmints that live in your neck of the woods? Don’t get even. Get Fiocchi 223 Rem V-MAX ammunition, which will turn any varmint into the most killedest varmint, ever!

This cartridge has an extremely light bullet for the 223. At 40 grains, it’s able to reach a muzzle velocity that exceeds Mach 3! It’s due to book downrange along a laser-like trajectory, which makes it just the ticket for whacking small targets.

The 40 grain V-MAX doesn’t exclusively rely on speed to dispatch a varmint. The bullet also owes its great accuracy to its sleek profile, concentric AMP jacket, and of course its sharp polymer tip. The tip is poised over the center of a precision-formed cavity in the V-MAX’s swaged lead core. It begins driving inward on impact, storing up considerable momentum before finally colliding with the base of the nose cavity. At that instant WHAMMO – breakneck terminal expansion that sends little bits of copper and lead flying every which way. The V-MAX exhibits deleterious terminal expansion at velocities as low as 1,600 fps, so you can confidently smite varmints over impressively long distances!

Fiocchi loads Hornady’s varmint annihilators in reusable brass cases, with clean-firing Boxer primers and powder that’ll conserve your accuracy. This ammo comes four boxes per plastic field box – a handy, reusable receptacle that you’ll find plenty of use for, ammo-related or otherwise.
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    Varmint Hunting
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    223 Remington
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Ron Murphy

    Clean and accurate. Shoots a sub MOA group at 100 yds. Great round for 1 in 9 twist barrels. Prairie dog and gopher getter.

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