10rds – 12 Gauge Sterling Tornado 2-3/4" 1oz. Rifled Slug Ammo


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10rds – 12 Gauge Sterling Tornado 2-3/4" 1oz. Rifled Slug Ammo Details

Sterling isn’t the best known brand in the United States, but the Turkish manufacturer certainly has a wide reach. Since 2009 Sterling has supplied a wide variety of shotgun ammunition to countries in Asia, Europe and the New World. Military and police organizations in 20 different countries utilize Serling ammo!

This shell is armed with a one-ounce slug. The series of grooves on a rifled slug’s exterior do not appreciably improve its in-flight stability – rather, it is present to promote the solid lead projectile’s safe passage through a smoothbore shotgun’s barrel and choke tube.

The slug features a hollow base, which distributes more of its weight toward its nose and promotes heightened accuracy. Sterling also gives their powerful slug a hinged wad, which is very useful for reducing felt recoil and resultant muzzle flip and fatigue.

Sterling’s shotgun slugs are clean-burning, non-corrosive and nonmagnetic. This ammo should prove more than potent enough to generate the chamber pressure a semi-automatic shotgun needs to reliably cycle.
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    1 oz.
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    12 Gauge
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