900rds – 5.56x45 Australian Defense Industries 62gr. FMJ F1 Ammo in Ammo Can


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Australian Defense Industries 62 Grain Penetrator Ammo Details

The key detail to pick up on right away with this 5.56x45 ammo by Australian Defense Industries is the “F1” in its name. That means it is the Aussie equivalent of America’s own M855, and accordingly has 62 grain FMJ bullets which conceal seven grain steel penetrator cores within their tips.

A penetrator bullet offers its greatest benefit when it strikes sheet metal. This round’s bullet is designed to pierce a 1/8” thick sheet of steel up to approximately 2,000 feet away. It’s also designed to penetrate up to 20” within soft tissue, and may even fragment into two pieces to maximize damage potential as it works its way inward. The penetrator’s greatest shortcoming is that it is magnetic and therefore banned at many gun ranges. Still a great option for target shooting, though!

This ammo is compatible with all 5.56 NATO firearms including the AR-15. ADI loads it with low flash propellant in order to preserve the shooter’s night vision, as well as make them less detectable to threats in the nighttime. These rounds all have new brass cases – any discoloration you might detect is merely the result of ADI’s annealing process, which yields suppler, more reliable cases.

This ammo is awesome for long-term storage. The rounds are sealed in film packs, which in turn are packaged in a new production M2A1 ammo can. But the urge to unload 900 rounds of Australia’s finest may be too great to resist!
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    Australian Defense Industries
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