8rds - 9mm Magsafe 64gr. +P Max Load Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 64 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 9MMMAX

This is 9mm Magsafe 64gr. +P Max Load Ammo. Magsafe ammo offers magnum performance with increased safety. Magsafe’s revolutionary design uses large lead shotgun pellets rather than solid lead for a bullet’s core. Magsafe stacks the pellets in specific patterns for each load and uses a proprietary epoxy so that the bullet can be launched at maximum velocity and to allow the pellets to be easily broken apart upon impact. This allows Magsafe’s Controlled-Core Technology to provide perfect penetration combined with a minimum of ricochets. Despite Magsafe’s hot loads, recoil is much less than that of standard ammunition. Magsafe ammo is used by the elite of the world’s forces – Navy SEALS, Royal Hong Kong Police anti-gang units, from big-city undercover narcs to guards at some of America’s meanest prisons. Magsafe is expensive but it works – the question is this: just how much is your life worth? This ammo comes in 8rd packs.


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    I haven't even shot more than 100 of these rounds. The rounds I did shoot, I experienced zero malfunctions from a XDS, LCP (in 380 MagSafe), FNX9, and P2000sk. I've only shot them at paper targets. Recoil is nice, but to me really there's not much difference. The only other thing I can note is when they hit paper, it cuts through the papaer targets, looks like someone cut hole with a razor blade. Sorry I know this doesn't give a lot of info, but at least for me they never jam, so far.

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