800rds – 22 LR Federal Champion 40gr. LRN Ammo




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Federal Ammunition 40 Grain Lead Round Nose (LRN) Ammo Details

The lead round nose: longtime companion of 22 LR enthusiasts whether they’re adamant about improving their marksmanship or casually wrecking plinking targets. And when you have an 800-round brick of 22 LR Champion ammo by Federal, you’ll be well equipped to do either!

This round’s 40 grain bullet is loaded to exit a rifle’s barrel at a velocity of 1,200 fps. At that rate it should drop by about 6” at 100 yards, at which range it will pack about 87 ft lbs of energy – still enough to decimate a small varmint, even if the LRN isn’t designed to expand after striking game. The LRN’s economical design and ballistically efficient profile make it a go-to favorite for most any kind of shooting, and its round nose does transfer the bullet’s energy quickly on contact.

Federal manufactures their own brass cases to ensure they possess the unvarying dimensions and concentric rims that reliable performance demands. These rounds’ primers are similarly dependable, and their propellant charges produce enough chamber pressure to cycle a semi-automatic.
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Michael Hainzl

    Seem good enough for plinking and target practice. Fired about 100 rounds from a Ruger SR22 after they showed up. Had two fail to fire. Put them back in the pistol and they shot the second try. Nice to see the price of 22LR finally coming back down enough to consider more frequent practice at the range.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Dave

    There is a serious problem with this ammo, not typical of Federal brand. I'm having squib rounds in one of ten or fifteen. I've tried about 150 rounds and will stop using. The sound is like a CO2 gun, so probably no powder. These are dangerous as squib loads may very well leave the bullet stuck in the barrel. I have contacted Ammo to Go requesting a refund.

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