750rds – 9mm Winchester Active Duty 115gr. FMJ M1152 Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Winchester’s Active Duty line of ammunition gives you the opportunity to train and plink with the same cartridges issued by the United States Army. This is our Army’s 9mm M1152 ammo. It’s specifically loaded for XM17/18 handguns, although any firearm rated for +P should run it just fine.

This is not technically +P ammo, although its higher-than-standard chamber pressure necessitates a firearm that is designed for overpressure ammo all the same. All Glock and Taurus 9mm pistols are rated for +P, but please check and make sure you’re good to go before you order a whole case of M1152!

This cartridge’s 115 grain full metal jacket is nonmagnetic, so it’s ready to roll at all commercial ranges. But make no mistake: Just because this ammo is made for the Army does not mean it is your best choice for self-defense. The U.S. Armed Forces abides by moratorium placed on hollow point bullets by the Hague Convention, which is why this round’s bullet cannot expand as it penetrates soft tissue. But if you don’t mind stouter recoil, then you’ll love how this new production (i.e. non-milsurp) ammo issues flat trajectories and punches clean holes through range targets.
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