6rds - 7.62x39 Russian Magsafe 80gr. SWAT

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  • Bullet Weight 80 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 76239SWAT

This is 7.62x39 Russian Magsafe 80gr. SWAT ammo. Magsafe ammo offers magnum performance with increased safety. Magsafe’s revolutionary design uses large lead shotgun pellets rather than solid lead for a bullet’s core. Magsafe stacks the pellets in specific patterns for each load and uses a proprietary epoxy so that the bullet can be launched at maximum velocity and to allow the pellets to be easily broken apart upon impact. This allows Magsafe’s Controlled-Core Technology to provide perfect penetration combined with a minimum of ricochets. Despite Magsafe’s hot loads, recoil is much less than that of standard ammunition. Magsafe ammo is used by the elite of the world’s forces – Navy SEALS, Royal Hong Kong Police anti-gang units, from big-city undercover narcs to guards at some of America’s meanest prisons. Magsafe is expensive but it works – the question is this: just how much is your life worth? Muzzle velocity of 2,750fps/1,343 ft-lbs. from Mini-30. This ammo comes in 6rd packs.

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