600rds - 38 Special +P Remington UMC 125gr. SJHP Ammo


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Remington Ammunition 125 Grain Semi-Jacketed Hollow-Point (SJHP) Ammo Details

An economical hollow point load that works well in both defensive and training roles, this .38 Special +P ammunition from Remington UMC comes in a bulk 600 round case ideal for high volume revolver shooters. This ammo can be used in both .38 SPL and .357 Magnum revolvers; each cartridge fires a medium weight 125 grain semi-jacketed hollow point bullet that delivers good expansion while also punching clean, visible holes in paper targets. As +P ammo, these rounds deliver better terminal ballistics at the cost of increased recoil; they should only be used in firearms rated for the additional pressures. Remington UMC ammo is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas using non-corrosive Boxer primers and reloadable brass cases.
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    38 Special
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