5250rds – 22 LR Winchester 36gr. CPHP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 36 Grain Copper-Plated Hollow-Point (CPHP) Ammo Details

Environmentalists claim that plastic bottles pose one of the greatest threats to the earth at the moment. If that’s so, then every shooting enthusiast ought to consider themself deputized to take the fight to the front line by shooting any plastic bottle they come across. If you’d take up this cause, then this 22 LR round from Winchester is a fine companion to have in the great plinking war.

This round features a 36 grain projectile, the lesser weight of which gives it a flat trajectory so that you can peg even the most distant plastic bottles with ease. The bullet’s copper plating lessens bore fouling in order to maintain your weapon’s accuracy. It’s a hollow point bullet as well, so it’ll expand rapidly within bottles that look suspiciously like ground squirrels. This round’s brass casing and non-corrosive rimfire primer mean it’ll sit safely in its box until the bottles launch a surprise sneak attack. And with 525 rounds in just this one box, you’ll have the ammo you need to neutralize bottle-related threats for days at a time.
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  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
  • Bullet Type
    Copper-Plated Hollow-Point (CPHP)
  • Use Type
    Range Training, Varmint Hunting
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  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    22 Long Rifle (LR)
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