50rds – 9mm Winchester USA Ready 115gr. FMJ FN Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose (FMJFN) Ammo Details

Do you want to fight like the best? Then you’ve got to train like the best. You’ve got to wake up at the crack of dawn, drink a glass of raw eggs, put on your grayest sweatshirt, and sprint up the steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rocky style. Or, barring that, you can cook your eggs like a normal person and then head over to the range with this box of 9mm rounds from Winchester’s USA Ready line of ammunition.

This round’s 115 grain projectile is perfect for sharpening your aptitude with a handgun: lightweight to reduce muzzle flip, flat nosed to make it easier to assess your performance with the aid of a paper target, and with a specially engineered profile that optimizes both the manner with which it feeds and the accuracy with which it flies. Winchester gave this top tier training round a match primer as well, so your shots will feel and act amazingly consistent. They also gave it clean burning propellant and a first rate brass casing for even more consistent performance as well!
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