50rds – 9mm Winchester Super Suppressed 147gr. FMJ Encapsulated Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket Enclosed Base (FMJE) Ammo Details

Winchester’s Super Suppressed ammunition is ideal for – you guessed it – suppressed firearms! But this 9mm ammo is still going to impress even if you don’t suppress.

This cartridge is designed to make as little noise as possible. At 990 fps, its 147 grain bullet’s muzzle velocity is far too slow to make a supersonic crack when fired. That’s going to help a suppressor do its job even better, as well as make a noticeable difference even if you aren’t using a suppressor.

This round’s bullet is optimized to keep a pistol’s barrel and suppressor substantially cleaner. The FMJ features a brass disc which shields the base of its lead core against hot propellant gasses during ignition. A bullet that can’t produce aerosolized lead is going to leave a suppressor’s multiple baffles much shinier in the long run!

Winchester’s American-made Super Suppressed ammunition is loaded with fine reloadable brass cases, as well as primers and powder that are carefully paired to deliver consistent subsonic muzzle velocities.
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    Full Metal Jacket Enclosed Base (FMJE)
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    Indoor Range, Range Training
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