50rds – 9mm Winchester Service Grade 115gr. FMJ Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Winchester developed their Service Grade line of ammunition for the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition, which the U.S. Army conducted in order to settle on which service pistol they’d issue next. You might rightly suppose that Winchester didn’t cut corners when producing this ammunition -- the Army is probably about as good a client as an ammunition manufacturer could ever hope to have, so they’d naturally want to keep them happy. If you’ve got the better part of $1 million to drop on a single cruise missile, you’ve got the copper in your coffer that it takes to buy a lot of ammo, too.

This round sports a 115 grain projectile, a popular bullet weight for self-defense -- that makes it great for training if you favor firing that bullet from your everyday carry as well. The bullet’s full metal jacket will prevent the rapid accumulation of lead residue in your pistol’s bore during a high volume shooting session, lessening the necessity for frequent cleanings. This round’s new production brass casing is ideal for handloading, so even 50 of them will keep you content during multiple projects at your reloading bench!
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Delray Manus

    Ammo shot really well. No problem and prices are very reasonable

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