50rds – 9mm Federal Syntech Training Match 124gr. Total Synthetic Jacket FN Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 124 Grain TSJ Ammo Details

This 9mm round from Federal’s Syntech Training Match line of ammunition is truly excellent for shooting steel targets. Its flat nose profile is ideally shaped for knocking down plates of metal, and its 124 grain projectile’s Total Synthetic Jacket contains no copper that could dangerously ricochet back at you. The purple polymer that the TSJ is made of will also greatly reduce bore fouling, and lessens friction to a point that will drastically improve your barrel’s lifespan!

This cartridge fires even more cleanly thanks to its lead-free Catalyst primer, and because its bullet’s TSJ covers the base of the bullet the lead in its core won’t become evaporated by hot propellant gas during ignition. This round is crafted by Federal to exactly emulate the performance of their premium Personal Defense HST and Tactical HST lines of self-defense ammunition. Short of training with more expensive ammo, this round is the best way to acquaint yourself with the one that might one day save your life.
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