50rds - 9mm Federal American Eagle Syntech 115gr. TSJ Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 115 Grain TSJ Ammo Details

These new 9mm Luger rounds from Federal's "Syntech" line represent the next step of evolution in quality training ammunition. These cartridges sport Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) projectiles which possess a lead core like conventional FMJ bullets but use a jacket made up entirely of polymer as opposed to copper. This red polymer coating is strong enough to withstand chambering, firing, and high-speed flight but produces far less friction and heat which cuts down on barrel wear and improves your handgun's long-term accuracy. This coating also covers the base of the bullet in order to reduce lead fouling; this translates to less cleaning, more reliability, and cleaner air to breathe at indoor ranges.

Each bullet weighs 115 grains which is very common to the 9x19mm caliber and provides light recoil alongside a familiar relationship between aim and impact. Federal completes these rounds using tradition components including reloadable brass casings, reliably igniting Boxer primers, and precisely measured powder charges. As a part of the American Eagle series, Syntech is intended to be affordable and dependable for training, match, and practice use. Federal has been serving the U.S. shooting public for nearly a century and is one of the leading ammunition brands in terms of inventiveness and premium products. Their innovative designs are well recognized for winning Olympic gold medals, taking down big game at long distances, and accompanying highly disciplined law enforcement professionals on daily patrols.
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