50rds – 44 Mag Ammo Inc. 240gr. TMJ Ammo

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Ammo Incorporated 240 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

We won’t get into all the medical reasons why you should limit your exposure to lead. We got kicked out of medical school because we kept trying to sell ammunition to our classmates. We’ll just say that inhaling lots of lead gas is never a good idea, which is why you should stock up on this special target ammo by Ammo Inc. if you plan on spending a significant amount of time at an indoor range.

This 44 Magnum round’s total metal jacket (aka total metal case) projectile features a conventional solid lead core. What makes it special is its copper jacket, which fully surrounds that core. When the base of the core is exposed to the extreme heat of ignition, it won’t produce vaporized lead that will ultimately make its way inside of your lungs. Likewise, it will deposit virtually zero lead residue inside your firearm’s rifling. Ammo Inc.’s proprietary Hyperclean Technology propellant promotes even cleaner performance, so your firearm will shoot straighter, longer!

Ammo Inc. was founded in Arizona by Fred Wagenhals – a man who got rich after he earned the exclusive rights to sell Dale Earnhardt, Sr. merchandise. Today his company produces new brass cases and other fine ammo components in its home state and at another satellite factory in Wisconsin. This noncorrosive, reloadable ammo is all-American.
  • Manufacturer
    Ammo Incorporated
  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
    240 Grain
  • Use Type
    Indoor Range, Range Training
  • Casing Type
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    44 Magnum
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