50rds – 40 S&W Speer Lawman 125gr. RHT Frangible Ammo


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50rds – 40 S&W Speer Lawman 125gr. RHT Frangible Ammo Details

Speer’s Lawman ammo is a perfect choice for shooters who spend a lot of time working on their fundamentals indoors and want to avoid splash-back and lead inhalation.

This 40 S&W round owes its safer, cleaner performance predominantly to its 125 grain Reduced Hazard Training frangible bullet. It is 100 percent sintered copper, which means Speer made it by pressing and heating powder into the form of a bullet but without melting it together. As the result this bullet smashes apart into powder when it connects with steel, stone, cement, or other hard surfaces that may have posed a threat of dangerous splashback!

Speer’s RHT bullet is completely-lead free. Fiery ignition doesn’t release airborne lead particles right next to your face, and impact doesn’t release lead dust into the air. Speer also loaded this round with CCI’s Clean-Fire primer, which is also free of lead and other heavy metals that won’t do a body any good.

A Lawman round is carefully engineered to deliver comparable recoil and ballistic performance to many conventional self-defense cartridges, giving you safer access to realistic training. Identifying this specialized round is easy thanks to its distinctive bullet, and so is reloading it thanks to its Boxer-style primer and new run brass case.
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    Frangible, Indoor Range, Range Training
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    40 Smith & Wesson
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