50rds – 357 Magnum Remington Performance WheelGun 158gr. LSWC Ammo


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50rds – 357 Magnum Remington Performance WheelGun 158gr. LSWC Ammo Details

Are you ready to tone up your marksmanship with your 357 Magnum revolver? Not without Remington Performance WheelGun ammunition, you’re not! These lead semi-wadcutter loads are bar none the best you could pick for blasting holes through paper targets!

This round’s 158 grain LSWC features a broad nose profile, tapering side, and sharp shoulder. This unique shape lets the LSWC feed very easily into a cylinder’s chamber, boast slightly better aerodynamics than a traditional cylindrical full wadcutter, and stamp a very neat hole into a hanging sheet of paper. That’s perfect if you’re trying to get a handle on how tightly you’re grouping your shots, or you’d like to keep score with your pals!

The LSWC’s flat tip also suits it perfectly for a lever-action rifle – your Henry should love this ammo, especially thanks to its top-notch brass cases, rust-free Kleanbore primers and evenly loaded charges of clean-burning propellant. (A rifle should give this round a higher muzzle velocity than 1,235 fps.)
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    357 Magnum
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