50rds – 357 Magnum Speer LE Gold Dot 158gr. JHP Ammo

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50rds – 357 Magnum Speer LE Gold Dot 158gr. JHP Ammo Details

The shooter who carries a 357 Magnum for personal protection means serious business. Shouldn’t their ammo match their expectations for their powerful revolver? Speer must certainly think so – as evidenced by their Gold Dot ammo developed specifically for law enforcement.

But you don’t have to be a cop to take advantage of so high-tech a bullet. The Gold Dot’s bullet’s jacket is formed by Speer’s own electrochemical Uni-Cor process. Essentially the Idahoan manufacturer takes an alloyed lead core and builds its jacket one molecule at a time, ensuring it is both super concentric for better in-flight rotational stability (for accuracy) and absolutely tough to prevent fragmentation during penetration (for a deeper wound channel).

And as this round’s 158 grain bullet passes deeper and deeper into soft tissue, its precision formed nose cavity yields expansion at the correct rate and to the correct width to maximize its knockdown potential. Factor in the 357 Mag’s dominating energy and you’ll find little trouble toppling even the most imposing threat.

Speer outfits their Gold Dot cartridge with a straight-walled nickel-plated brass case. Nickel aids smooth extraction and boosts corrosion resistance, two reasons this self-defense is even more trustworthy. CCI’s Boxer primer reliably translates the fall of a firing pin into clean ignition, and this round’s propellant is loaded to deliver a consistent 1,235 fps muzzle velocity out of a 4” barrel.
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Thomas Rinkor

    This ammo is better suited to hunting than law enforcement/self defense. Testing for expansion in to water after 4 layers of denim show moderate expansion (.43") with a long shank. This modest expansion and long sectional density would make for deep penetration. For self-defense I would give this 2 stars because of over-penetration. For hunting I give it 5 stars.

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