50rds – 32 S&W Long Sellier & Bellot 100gr. Lead Wadcutter Ammo

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Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 100 Grain Lead Wadcutter Ammo Details

This 32 S&W Long cartridge by Sellier & Bellot features a 100 grain lead wadcutter projectile. This broad, flat bullet is a perfect choice if you intend to shoot paper targets, as the clear hole it produces through such a medium is easy to score and read downrange. Furthermore, an economical lead projectile will nicely cut down on your range fees. The large hole it creates means that a wadcutter is also a viable choice for self-defense, especially if you carry a snubnose pistol which may not permit its projectile the velocity it needs for a hollow point to become effective.

This round also offers a durable brand new brass casing, so you may reload it several times. Its small pistol primer is non-corrosive, and its propellant complements that performance by burning exceptionally clean. Sellier & Bellot’s nearly two centuries in business are apparent in their components’ quality, and being a member of the massive CBC Group in no way hurts either.
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    32 Smith & Wesson Long
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