50rds – 22 LR CCI Small Game Bullet (SGB) 40gr. LFN Ammo

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CCI Ammunition 40 Grain Lead Flat Nose Ammo Details

This 22 LR cartridge from CCI’s Small Game Bullet line of ammunition features a lead flat nose projectile. The bullet’s profile and composition enables it to anchor within small game, which along with its supersonic muzzle velocity and ability to deform during penetration means it will absolutely kill whatever diminutive creature you should confront with it.

This round further boasts a fast 1,235 fps muzzle velocity, and also the same trajectory offered by Mini-Mag, CCI’s most popular rimfire product. The result is a cartridge that demands no sight corrections within 50 yards, making it an extremely effective solution for snapshots and general varmint detail.

CCI has granted this round their dependable rimfire primer, propellant that burns clean to preserve your firearm’s action, and a faultless brass casing for smooth feeding and ejection. You can save these rounds’ sturdy plastic box for future bulk ammo purchases.
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