50rds - 22 Mag Winchester Super-X 28gr. Lead Free HP Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 28 Grain

This is .22 Magnum Winchester Super-X 28gr. Lead Free Hollow Point Ammo. As a result of increasing customer demand, due to chages in the laws about ammo containing lead, Winchester Ammunition designed this lightning-fast, lead-free .22 mag ammo. The Winchester SUPER-X lead-free bullets are well-suited for practice and ideal for small game, varmint and pest control in areas of the country were it is illegal to hunt or shoot with any ammo containing lead.  They are designed for maximum expansion and they are extremely accurate.  These products use a patented technology to achieve a totally lead-free bullet. Winchester Ammunition has engineered this product for hunters and target shooters to assure they have a quality, high-performance ammunition that also complies with local regulations in their hunting and shooting areas.

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