50rds – 17 HMR Remington Magnum Rimfire 17gr. JHP Ammo


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50rds – 17 HMR Remington Magnum Rimfire 17gr. JHP Ammo Details

The 22 LR? Pfft. That’s for babies. The 22 WMR? Close, but no cigar. The 17 HMR? That’s what we’re taking about – an itty bitty bullet that showcases a laserlike trajectory as it flies faster than Mach 2, and which terminates small game on arrival. If you’re a 17 HMR man yourself, then we’ve got your Remington Magnum Rimfire ammo right here!

This round’s 17 grain projectile is a jacketed hollow point. The bullet’s flat base, aerodynamic sweeping profile and sharp nose all help it overcome frontal air resistance and conserve more lethal energy downrange. You’re not wasting this ammo if you only fire it during target practice, but the JHP’s fast-expanding terminal performance is sure to seal the deal if you’re bagging rodents, lagomorphs or canines.

Remington’s quality brass cases cycle easily through all 17 HMR rifles and handguns. Their noncorrosive rimfire primers spark up with satisfying predictability, and their uniform propellant charges supply the unvarying muzzle velocity sharpshooting demands. And look at that fancy plastic box. Ooh la la!
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    17 HMR
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