50pcs - 45 Cal .452" Dia Hornady 250gr. SST - ML Polymer Tip Bullets

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  • Cost Per Round $2.80/ppr
  • Bullet Weight 250 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 45 Caliber
  • Bullet Diameter .452 inches
  • Quantity 10
  • Bullet Type SST
  • Manufacturer Hornady Ammunition
  • Manufacturer SKU 45202

These are 45 Cal .452" Dia Hornady 250gr. SST - Muzzleloader Polymer Tip Bullets. Bring the hard-hitting SST bullet to your muzzleloader with Hornady's SST Muzzleloader bullets! Hornady has adapted the popular SST bullet design to function in modern muzzleloading rifles, increasing the performance of your muzzleloading rifle. The flex-tip design creates a more aerodynamically efficient bullet, leading to less bullet drop and longer possible shots. The design also creates rapid expansion upon impact for maximum shock and energy transfer to the target. Ensure your hunting trip is a success with the SST-ML. These bullets are packaged 50pcs to a box.

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