500rds – 9mm Winchester USA Ready 115gr. FMJ FN Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose (FMJFN) Ammo Details

Your personal safety is too important to stake on an inferior training cartridge. You want a round that’ll give you flawless performance while you’re out there perfecting your skills -- one like only a revered old institution such as Winchester could provide. Winchester tends to that need in full with their USA Ready ammo line, with cartridges comprised of expertly assembled premium components which you’ll notice in a big way every time you pull the trigger.

This cartridge has a 115 grain projectile -- lightweight to better emulate the performance of the most popular self-defense loads, and jacketed to promote seamless feeding. This bullet’s special engineered profile further ensures that it’ll feed like a charm, and even goes so far as to accentuate its accuracy. A flat nose projectile, it’s ideal for training with paper targets so that your feedback after each shot will be instantaneous. Winchester’s match grade primer provides amazingly consistent performance, as does their meticulously measured propellant charge and brass casing’s uniform dimensions.
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