500rds – 9mm Winchester Super Suppressed 147gr. FMJ Encapsulated Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket Enclosed Base (FMJE) Ammo Details

Firing a suppressed firearm? Great fun, not to mention a great way to cut down on noise pollution. Cleaning a suppressed firearm? Well, we can think of a few other things we’d rather be doing. That’s what makes Winchester Super Suppressed 9mm so great!

This round features a 147 grain FMJ encapsulated bullet. It’s a normal flat nose FMJ but with one addition: It has a brass disc in its base that seals the lead core off from hot propellant gasses. That enables the bullet to dramatically reduce the amount of fouling it leaves in its wake, so you won’t have as much gunk to scour off of your valuable baffles.

This ammo doesn’t need a suppressor to function correctly, of course. Its 990 fps muzzle velocity is subsonic no matter which way you slice it, so its report is going to be noticeably quieter than supersonic loads. This ammo’s brass cases are reloadable, and it offers good, consistent accuracy for all your target shooting endeavors.
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    Full Metal Jacket Enclosed Base (FMJE)
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    Indoor Range, Range Training
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