500rds - 9mm Hornady 125gr. HAP HP Ammo

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Hornady Ammunition 125 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

This Hornady Steel Match ammunition is built for competition. Featuring jacketed Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) projectiles, this ammo offers smooth, reliable performance and impressive pin-point accuracy. Modeled after Hornady’s legendary XTP projectiles, HAP has been further refined to create the perfect competition bullet. With a sleek profile and a protected nose, HAP bullets promote consistent and reliable feeding in auto loading pistols.

With a cold-swaged, pure lead core, HAP projectiles deliver consistency, balance, and impressive in-flight stability to produce amazing down-range accuracy. With no exposed lead, these bullets offer smooth, reliable function and resist the jamming that could prove costly in match competition.

Each of these 500 rounds of 9mm Luger (9x19 Parabellum) produces a muzzle velocity of 1110 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 339 foot pounds. These rounds feature non-corrosive berdan primers and the same high-tech propellants Hornady uses for all their match ammo. Loaded in steel cases, this ammunition delivers Hornady quality and performance with an economical price tag.

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