500rds – 9mm Federal Syntech Training Match 147gr. Total Synthetic Jacket FN Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 147 Grain TSJ Ammo Details

This 9mm cartridge by Federal features the awesome performance of the Total Synthetic Jacket. The layer of polymer that encapsulates the round’s 147 grain projectile totally prevents metal from making contact with your pitsol’s bore and its riflings, drastically reducing the kind of friction that gradually wears them down and keeping them clean in the process. The TSJ furthermore nearly eliminates splash-back from turning your training into something potentially dangerous!

This round fires remarkably cleanly. Not only does its bullet’s jacket keep the lead in its core from evaporating during ignition, but its Catalyst primer doesn’t contain barium, mercury, or lead for you to breathe in. This round’s bullet is optimal for shooting paper targets, as its broad meplat will stamp a clean hole that you’ll have an easier time spotting downrange. Federal engineered this round to provide recoil and point of impact like that of an analogous HST round, making it an indispensable training companion if you’d rely on HST to keep you safe!
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Jw

    This stuff is the way to go if you are training to shoot 147-150gr JHP's. I loaded a couple 30rnd mags of it mixed with Federal LE Tactical HST 147gr. HP and there was no difference in felt recoil, Muzzle blast, etc. An added bonus is the barrel stays incredibly clean and cool! Quality of the rounds and brass is exactly what is to be expected from Federal. Really a no Brainer! Buy some.

  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Greg Waller

    Love this ammo! Highly reliable!, Flow recoil and the best part is is it does in fact shoot clean and keep your bore clean.
    After firing 300 rounds of this ammo I couldn't believe how clean my gun was.

    Highly recommended!

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