500rds – 7.62x51 Winchester 149gr. FMJ M80 Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 149 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Can you fire 7.62x51 in an AK-47? No – you want 7.62x39 ammunition for your Kalashnikov. You certainly want this case of American-made ammo for your AR-10, however, and the 7.62x51 round’s virtually identical dimensions to (and slightly lower chamber pressure than) the commercial 308 makes it a great companion to any 308 whitetail gun.

Winchester’s simple and straightforward 149 grain projectile is optimal for target practice, perfectly serviceable for self-defense applications, but poorly equipped for hunting medium-sized when terminal expansion is needed. The FMJ’s hard magnetic jacket resists deformation that could complicate feeding or diminish accuracy, and its cannelure prevents setback resulting from recoil that could impact overall performance.

Although this ammo is manufactured according to the U.S. Armed Forces’ M80 specs (albeit with a slightly heavier bullet), it is not military surplus. These non-corrosive rounds are decked out with new and reloaded brass cases, which are visibly annealed and highly durable.
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    Save 25% on this product with a mail in rebate!
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    149 Grain
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    Range Training
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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