500rds – 5.7x28mm Fiocchi 35gr. Jacketed Frangible Ammo

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Fiocchi Ammunition 35 Grain Frangible Ammo Details

If you own a 5.7x28mm firearm, then you know opportunities to order whole cases of range ammo are few and far between. Don’t miss your chance to stock up on Fiocchi’s finest!

This cartridge’s 35 grain jacketed frangible projectile suits it perfectly for training and plinking alike, but it’s especially fit for indoor range use and steel targets. The projectile contains zero toxic lead. Accordingly, it cannot produce aerosolized lead during ignition just like it cannot scatter lead particles into the air following impact. The bullet’s frangible core is composed of copper dust, which has been sintered into a solid mass. Its core becomes pulverized the instant the bullet makes contact, which nearly eliminates the risk of splash-back that could injure the shooter. The bullet’s frangible core is surrounded by a traditional gilding metal jacket. That fortifies the bullet to assure seamless performance in semi-automatic pistols and carbines.

Note that the jacketed frangible projectile is a suboptimal solution for self-defense; it cannot expand while it penetrates soft tissue, and its likelihood of passing through a threat and penetrating multiple walls is comparable to that of a normal FMJ. These cartridges feature new and reloadable brass cases, as well as dependable noncorrosive Boxer primers which will not rust out a firearm.
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