500rds – 45 ACP Fiocchi 200gr. JHP Ammo

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Fiocchi Ammunition 200 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

All centerfire handgun cartridges were designed for personal protection. The 45 ACP just so happens to excel at the application. If you carry a 1911 or other .45 cal pistol for self-defense, then we must applaud your powers of decision-making. Give us one more reason to lay praise on you by ordering yourself a case of Fiocchi’s jacketed hollow point loads!

This cartridge’s bullet is a touch lighter than normal at 200 grains. It accordingly offers a very slightly flatter trajectory, but it does not forfeit raw stopping power in exchange for it. The JHP contains no steel, so you’ll have free reign over any range which bans magnetic ammo if you decide to commit this ammo to target shooting. But if you do implement it for defense, you can rest assured that each bullet will sink deeply into its target while simultaneously exhibiting injurious terminal expansion.

This ammo’s smooth-feeding bullets are seated in Fiocchi’s high-quality new brass cases. Each reloadable case also holds a noncorrosive Boxer primer and uniform charge of clean-burning propellant. Ten boxes per case.
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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