420rds – 5.56x45 Winchester 62gr. FMJ M855 Ammo in Ammo Can

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Winchester Ammunition 62 Grain Penetrator Ammo Details

Winchester’s 5.56x45 M855 ammunition is a great companion for shooting range sessions as well as for use in self defense situations.

Why is the M855 bullet also known as a “penetrator?” Although it looks and functions just like an FMJ, its jacket additionally conceals a solid steel tip. This makes the M855 bullet strong enough to blast through barriers as resilient as sheet metal, hence its suitability for engaging lightly armored targets during combat. The M855 bullet also has a good chance of yawing as it penetrates soft tissue, forcing it to split in half as the result.

The M855 bullet’s steel tip makes it weigh 62 grains instead of 55. It will deliver serviceable accuracy through a 1:7 twist barrel, but 1:8 or 1:9 is optimal. And while this might go without saying, the M855 bullet’s steel tip does indeed make it magnetic.

This factory fresh ammo is loaded with brass cases (which are only discolored as the result of a strengthening heat-treatment process), non-corrosive Boxer-primed, and lined up on stripper clips (spoon included). Everything comes neatly in a seam-welded steel ammo can, which will protect your ammo from damage in the field and moisture in deep storage alike.
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